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The biggest trend that we have seen the past few seasons that will be sticking around this fall is: Texture! The look has been all about accepting your natural texture and creating even more to work with. Whether curls, waves, a slight bend, or stick straight, we have the tools and products to get the look you desire.


Curly Coif – You want to keep your curls in tact, and maybe even add to them. Use a curl defining lotion to tame and flyaways or frizz and enhance your natural shape. Always apply an Oil Treatment after the shower to quench your strands and add shine. If your hair didn’t quite dry right, use a wand to wrap sections in alternate directions to create a defined, yet natural feel.


Wavy Locks – Sure, you’re hair might be the envy of everyone else, but some days it just doesn’t look right. When you need a pick me up spritz the UN.DONE texture spray through your dried locks. This will add volume and character to your waves while still controlling the shape and movement.


Straight Strands – Your hair doesn’t like to hold a curl and when you “wash and wear” it’s the same old straight. To get a little life in those strands prep hair with the Perfect Body Whipped Mousse. This will give your strands some grit. Rough dry or diffuse hair to raise your cuticle and give you extra texture as your hair dries. Once dry, spray with UN.DONE texture spray and use a wand to create curls. Once finished hit it with a spritz of Headstrong Hairspray for hold and a dash of Perk Up Dry Shampoo at the roots for volume.

No matter your hair type, texture is totally doable with amika! Do you have any amika texture tricks of your own? We would love to know about them! Feel free to leave it in the comments below or upload them to Bangstyle and tag our products!