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Using knotted braids, weave the STITCH by Daniel Roldan through the hair to create this dark, lush look, which pairs well with a ponytail or textured hawk. This models' gray, steely hair complements this texture braid with a teased hawk. For the first half of the step-by-step, you will create a knotted braid of your choosing, then STITCH through with fabric to create the style.


1.     Create a side section from the parietal ridge to the to top of the ear. Let that section extend a little past the ear.

2.     Divide that section in half horizontally, creating two subsections.

3.     Take a square quadrant in the subsection and create a knot. Add more hair and create another knot going back. Repeat until you have four or five knots and secure with elastic. Repeat on the bottom subsection.

4.     Starting in the front, STITCH fabric through the top loop of the upper knot and bottom loop of the lower knot, then tie a knot with the first STITCH to create an anchor.




5.     Weave fabric through the rest of the knots and wrap the extra fabric around the elastics in back. 



6.     Curl the hair to add volume. 

7.     Gather the rest of hair into a ponytail and tease to create height. Keep teasing and pinning until hair resembles a textured hawk.


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Hair: Daniel Roldan

Hair Assistant: Pati Rodriguez

Color: Jen Llanas

Makeup: Alla Roldan

Video: Jori Zeman

Studio Photography: Tammi Salewsky

Fashion Photography: Jen Gannigan

Story: Erin Noha