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Whether cutting, coloring, or simply blow-drying, framing the face is one of the most important aspects of any style because it is what the client will see first, and from then on.  In this hair tutorial, Donald Scott NYC shows us how to create the perfect face fringe using a razor technique. Follow the steps below and be sure to share your comments in the section below!







Step 1: Apply PREPARE liquid tool glide to freshly cleansed, towel dried hair. 










Step 2: Take a section from just in front of the ear and over direct the hair forward.









Step 3: Begin to slide the Chop Stik Pro from chin length hair down.











Step 4: Continue to the longest point of the hair shaft.











Step 5: Continue this technique, taking diagonal sections, just below the ear.













Step 6: Finish with a few mists of PREPARE on dry, styled hair. 











For even more tutorials and to pick up a Chop Stick Pro of your own in the Bangstyle Store & be sure to follow DonaldScottNYC !