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We LOVE everything about this look, it is a fun flirty style that boasts a playful yet demure look! It is the perfect holiday style for your inner super model, it will leave everyone around you with total hair envy… Lucky for you Giannandrea, Macadamia Professional International Creative Director, gives us the perfect how-to to achieve voluminous perfection. 




1. Start with clean, 80% dry hair. Moisturize mid-lengths with Weightless Moisture Conditioning Mist. Apply Foaming Volumizer to the scalp at the crown and front hairline and define a middle part. Rough dry, using fingers to lift at the roots until hair is 95% dry.


2. Clip away a four-inch crown section. Blow dry sides in 2-inch sections using a large round boar-bristle brush to over-direct the hair forward towards the face. Over-direct the crown section 90 degrees to maximize volume at the roots.


3. Take a large two-inch section and spray evenly with Flex Hold Shaping Hairspray. Hold a 1.25 inch curling rod vertically and wrap the section around the barrel, twisting the hair with each wrap to get a wave instead of a curl. Let each section cool as you work around the head.


4. Take a medium-heat flat iron and run over the bottom four inches of each section once to smooth ends and reduce roundness


5. Lean back directing hair behind the shoulders and brush with a paddle brush. Rub a quarter size dab of Whipped Detailing Cream in hands and run through the mid lengths of the hair


6. Bring hair back forward towards the face and enjoy the camera ready style!



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