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Author Lya Navarra

Our favorite part of any blowout is the final look (although massages during shampoo's are a very close second). Sam Villa shows us how to apply the finishing touches to create the perfect blowout! Learn his styling tips and product faves to get a finished look in no time.



Are you engaged and ready for the Finish? We begin this session where we left off in Part 5, How To Create Volume On Top Of The Head | The Volume Zone. You have completed your diagonal sectioned blow dry and your set has cooled down.

Tools of Choice:
  • YOUR Hands! Working with our hands will result in more movement and maintain beautiful definition in the curl
  • Utilizing a brush is great if you are going for smooth waves in your end result
Product of Choice:

Now, let's begin!

  • Remove the dry clips from your set - Check it out, no demarcation when you remove the dry clips!
  • Apply a fair amount of pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer cream into your hands and emulsify just as you would a hand lotion into the palms, in-between all fingers and the back of hands
  • Begin at the front and work your hands through the hair following through the entire head

  • Ask your client to bend forward, continue to work through the hair with your hands
  • While working through the hair with one hand spray Redken triple take 32 into the hair with the opposite hand, tousling as you go throughout the head

HOT TIP – You may think the high control factor of Redken triple take 32 may be too stiff. This hairspray delivers long lasting lift and body to the hair without the ‘crunch’ imparting 24-hour control and humidity resistance!

  • Continue to work through the hair with both hands
  • Ask your client to bring the head back up
  • Place your fingers at the front hairline and move the hair back away from the face

  • Place your fingers at the back parietal ridge area and push the hair forward
  • Finish by positioning the hair for balance

The volume you need for this set is achieved without the need for backcombing:

  • The diagonal parting technique used for the blow dry in the Volume Zone
  • Redken stay high 18 high-hold gel to mousse – applied prior to the blow dry
  • Redken triple take 32 – applied during the finish

As we conclude this Foundational Blow Dry Series you now have powerful fundamentals to create first-rate, long lasting blow dry’s for your clients. You just upgraded your skills working with round brushes, befitting styling product and your hands.

Practice the techniques and add value to your client’s service by teaching them to re-create the look on their own. They will appreciate your time to do so and continue to see you as having their best interest in mind!


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