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“Managing” is a word that gets thrown around a lot when curly girls talk about their beauty routine.  Women with naturally springy or kinky locks are constantly are being told that their mane needs to be flat ironed, weighed down, chemically relaxed, covered up, tied back and put through the ringer to be everything that nature never intended.

Ladies, step away from the flat irons and give your hair a rest. Our team of STYLE.MASTERS is here to show you that curls just want to have fun! 



What makes naturally curly hair different to style than smoother textures?
MASSIMO: Styling curly hair can be a challenge as everybody has different regimes for drying and styling. In my opinion the less we disturb the hair the better it is; just use a product to control the frizz and define the curls.
JUHA-MATTI: I usually recommend air drying if possible so curls can form without disturbance. Using a hairnet is a great help when air drying or sleeping, as it prevents the hair from frizzing up.

How is product application different with curly hair?
WADE: Get every strand of hair! If you miss a section, it will really show up.
MASSIMO: The nape and temple tend to be forgotten areas, but that is where frizz comes out first (since that’s where we sweat most). Applying the products on top isn’t enough; distribute them evenly in sections, then comb through.
NATHAN: People with curly, coarse hair should apply product when it is wet, as this easily distributes the products and tends to make the hair behave better.
JUHA-MATTI: If the hair is wet, comb it through with a TEXTURE.COMB so you don’t overly disturb the natural flow of the hair. If the hair is dry, apply products using your hands since a brush or a tight comb will encourage frizziness and unruly texture.

How should someone detangle without undoing the curls or causing frizz?
NATHAN: Use a TEXTURE.COMB in the shower while you condition or treat your hair. Be gentle, and don’t comb at all when the hair is dry or drying.
MASSIMO: My favourite way to detangle is with a damp hand or the tip of the TEXTURE.COMB. If you force the curls, you end up destroying the definition and get frizz again.
JUHA-MATTI: Detangle when hair is wet, then scrunching the product in to the hair. That way, you can manage to get perfect curls after removing the knots.
WADE: Use the end of a TAIL.COMB or chopstick to pull the tangles apart. To battle frizz, don’t comb or brush!

Does the cut affect how curly hair is styled?
WADE: The cut is a big contributing factor in how curls will react. For example, cutting with the curl will give a softer cleaner look, and cutting against the curl will give a more textured feel.
JUHA-MATTI: If you want defined, frizz-free curls with a lot of volume, remove weight by dot thinning and following the natural curl formation. I wouldn’t recommend traditional layering because it will encourage frizz.
NATHAN: There is no point in stretching out hair and cutting it into a straight line as the texture springs back differently. This is where the KEVIN.MURPHY curved shears are so groundbreaking: you can cut enhance the texture as you remove length and create shape.

How often should curly girls wash their hair?
WADE: This is more of an individual choice. It all depends on how you like your hair to feel and how your hair reacts to being washed.
NATHAN: If it is fine, wash more often as the curl will need to be reactivated. Something like RE.STORE in the REPAIR line is fantastic for curly hair as it is a treatment that cleanses. Generally, no more than twice a week for thick curly hair.
JUHA-MATTI: This is all depending on how everyone’s hair and scalp is working. In the north where I live, people with finer hair texture people wash 3 times a week, while those with extra curly or kinky hair can get away with once or twice.

Which products do you recommend for natural texture?
JUHA-MATTI:Curly hair is usually drier because it’s naturally more porous, causing frizz and tangles. Conditioning should be a top priority since dry hair also is more prone to breaking, and the HYDRATE.ME line is great for keeping curls looking defined and shiny.
NATHAN: For instant gratification between days, it’s all about DOO.OVER. It is the ultimate in longevity of style.
WADE: I love KILLER.CURLS! It gives strong hold touchable curls that won’t frizz, so you can run your fingers through the hair without fear.
MASSIMO: For definition, hold and frizz control, I recommend EASY.RIDER mixed with MOTION.LOTION.  For shorter styles, HAIR.RESORT offers texture and control that lasts all day. UN.DRESSED is perfect for very loose and natural curls with a lot of separation and thickness.


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