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Most of us know that beautiful hair starts with the right product regimen, but did you know that your washing routine plays a huge role in its health and appearance? To bring your hair from good to great, we’ve gathered some of KEVIN.MURPHY’s top educators to shed some light on one of the most important steps in your haircare routine.






How often should you wash your hair?

TIM A: As rule of thumb, rinse and condition every day if you must but only fully wash 2-3 times per week at most. A cleansing conditioning treatment like RE.STORE is a great choice to hold you over between washes.
SARAH: Over washing your hair can strip its natural oils, causing the scalp to overcompensate and produce more of it! BALANCING.WASH was designed to control oiliness and is a great way to keep the hair cleaner, longer.
TIM M: Only wash your hair when the natural oils look too heavy or dark on the scalp – even if you’re working out. With products like FRESH.HAIR & DOO.OVER, a girl can really stretch it out between wash days.
SARAH: FRESH.HAIR is designed to absorb this excess and be removed out of the hair with a clean, dry towel. You are left with fresher, cleaner hair with ample volume and texture.


Should the same WASH and RINSE always be used together?

WADE: Not always! Mixing and matching WASHES and RINSES can give greater results because your regimen is tailored to what your hair needs.
TIM M: WASH for the hair you’ve got, RINSE for the hair you want. It’s great to mix it up if your hair and scalp have different conditions. We get locked in hair families and it’s not always the best for what we have going on up top.


What is the best technique for applying WASHES and RINSES?

SARAH: Apply your WASH to very wet hair, and the RINSE when your hair been wrung out to remove excess water. It also is important to exfoliate your hair once per week to maintain the overall health of your hair and scalp.
TIM A: The way you scrub also is important. WASHES should be applied and massaged through the hair and scalp, gently and moving down the hair shaft in one direction to prevent unnecessary roughing of the cuticle.  Rinses should be applied to the mid shafts and ends first, then manipulated in one direction down the hair shaft.


Does giving your hair a cold rinse make a difference?

TIM M: Hot water opens your cuticle and skin pores, while cold helps to close both. A cold rinse can make your hair appear shinier and your skin, healthier.
TIM A: Closing the cuticle with a cold rinse also helps to prevent frizz caused by humidity and other aggressors.
WADE: These jolts can help to close the cuticle, but with the technology in products these days, a high quality leave in conditioner will do that and more.
SARAH: The effects of a cool rinse are only temporary, so your best bet is to always handle your hair with care and use products that will maintain its health and integrity.


How should curls be handled when washing and drying?

TIM M: Treat curly hair like a first date – don’t rush and don’t be too aggressive. Gently washing the hair with a little help from a wide tooth comb helps to form and maintain a natural curl.  Don’t over wash as you will still want some of the natural oils to stay in the hair to maintain moisture and elasticity. RE.STORE is a great midweek wash for this.
TIM A: Curls also should be handled more gently when towel drying so you don’t frizz the hair.


Is there an ideal way to dry your hair after washing?

SARAH: Hair is in its most fragile state while it is wet. Keeping that in mind, never rub your hair aggressively as that can cause tangling and breakage. Instead, begin by squeezing out excess water with your hands while still in shower, then gently squeeze hair in sections using a soft towel or t-shirt to remove as much water as possible.
WADE: Everyone uses different tools to dry their hair, but the biggest tip is to use high-quality products with heat protection and keep the hot tools’ temperature on the lower side. It may take longer to get the effect you want, but your hair will love you for it.


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