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Ray Hornback's latest collection "INTERGALACTIC" is making waves in this galaxy even if it was envisioned for another. The color of this colletion is simply mind bending, while the styilng is out of this world! Ray discusses his influences behind "INTERGALACTIC", how he achieved the color and reveals a little more about himself! 


How did you achieve the color for this collection?
I pre lightened each model to the proper level to achieve the brightness I wanted. I used Pravana Neon Blue and Neon Green. I also used Pravana Pink and Neon Orange as well as Pravana Wild Orchid. I colored each model twice with those shades so we don't have to intensify with photo editing. Those colors were not enhanced in any way.

How did you decide the styling for this look? 
I wanted these styles to be Space Age feeling the title for this collection is "INTERGALACTIC". I thought of how women might wear there hair in another galaxy. Im a nerd sometimes.

I love the volume you achieve in your pieces, are there any tips you can share about how to achieve this? 
You have to blow dry your models with volumizing products before you do the actual style. You need to prime them with the proper Shampoo and Conditioner, Prep with volumizing products and and your finishing products have to be moveable and moldable.



What would you say your “style” is? 
My personal style I guess I would describe as "Sophisticated Punk" again Im a nerd.


What was your favorite aspect of this shoot? 
We shot these models under black lighting along with some other studio lighting as well. My photographer Alain Camporiva found some really creative ways to use the black light so it didn't look like we were in some weird underground club from the 90's.

What was your biggest challenge in bringing this collection to life? 
Making sure the colors were bright enough to be picked up under the black light. Also I knew I needed to have an order of which styles we shot first so I didn't have to spend to much time restyling each model.




Favorite hair style you’ve ever donned?
My favorite style i ever did was probably from My "Americana Dreams" collection that was featured last year. I created a huge pompadour finger wave style that i was very proud of.

Biggest piece of advice for younger stylists? 
Don't try and 'short cut' anything ever!

What songs are on your photoshoot playlist?  

       "Shut Up and Dance with Me"  Walk The Moon

      "Cardiac Arrest" Bad Suns

      "Salt" Bad Suns

      "Can't Deny my Love" Brandon Flowers

      Also anything by "The Killers" ,AC/DC, Black Keys

What hairstyle would you like to see on the streets again? 

I live in a town with a lot of people who like natural looking hair and don't want to look draw attention so i would love for people to rock some extra volume and big curly styles more often. Also wouldn't mind seeing people rocking a rough French Twist out on the streets or women wearing a Pompadour updo style.



What hair trend are you loving for fall?

Im loving the dark berry colors for my more daring guests and the Bronde color trend.


If you could have a super power what would it be and why?

I would want to be able to Fly. I think it would be amazing to fly through the mountains and over the ocean!


What languages do you speak? If you could immediately learn a language, what would it be?  

I only speak english. I would learn Spanish because i think it would be the most useful to me.



Be sure to stalk Ray Hornback on Bangstyle to keep up with all of his latest creations!