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An interview with Eden Sassoon about all things inspirational and her latest projects... 


Photo of a hair salon by Eden Sassoon


What inspired you to open your own salon?

The initial catalyst was knowing the end was near for my dad and him asking me what I was going to do with my life. It’s a powerful question coming from someone who accomplished so much in his life. And I knew opening this salon would give me a footing in the hair industry to continue his legacy. 


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Photo: beautygivesback_official@charliepricehair#BGBArtTeam the #YSPark comb that Gives Back.


How has your family legacy impacted your career, and how are you keeping the Sassoon culture alive in your salon? 

Considering I don’t do hair… My family left me a different kind of legacy to carry on. My father was so much more than hair. He was an innovator, an educator, a philanthropist and health fanatic who showed just as much discipline in his personal life as he did in his professional life. I want to make sure ‘that’ story is told. In my salon I make sure every stylist has the opportunity to go to the Sassoon Academy. Not only will they learn the foundation of haircutting, whether they have been doing hair for 2 years or 20 years, but they will be exposed to the culture. It’s that mindset that makes Sassoon so distinguishable from other brands.


What qualities do you look for when building a great team of stylists?

For me the heart and passion for this industry needs to match the skills or at least the desire to be better… And my expectations are high. We are an education salon which is something my dad believed in immensely. If the foundation of skill is there and you are willing to put in the time to learn new techniques or mentor younger stylists then we are the salon for you!</p>


How did you first get involved with Beauty Gives Back? 

I was invited to a fundraiser by my good friend Robbie Brenner for an organization that was building clean water wells in Africa. After that night I contacted the founder and said I needed to be involved. It’s hard to believe that was just over a year ago.



How has Beauty Gives Back impacted your salon work environment?

It has definitely brought awareness to the amount of water we use as an industry. And I hope it is opening their eyes to the fact that there is so much more to them and this life than just standing behind a chair.


How do stylists and salons get involved?

Beauty Gives Back goal is to unite the hair industry through education and giving back… And the giving back is being done in 2 ways… We have an art team of iconic industry influencers who have committed to donating their time to put on educational events. And funds raised from these events go towards end the global water crisis. Come to an educational event! Or put on a fundraiser in your salon! You can find more information on our website http://www.beautygivesback.care/#beautygivesback"     www.beautygivesback.care 



Photo of children in Swaziland

Photo: beautygivesback_officialCreating our #lovestory one well at a time. @mcrmitchell falling in love with her new babies  #swaziland2022#beautygivesback #thirstproject#BGBlove is universal



Tell us a little about your trip to Swaziland?

Surreal…. It was so hard to grasp that 2 hours in any direction from “the city” people were suffering. No electricity, no floors or roofs on their home. There was this beauty of the land that was matched by the spirit of the people yet their water source is killing them. This trip absolutely changed me as a person. As I sit here with all the comforts of a blessed life and knowing and seeing firsthand the struggle to survive combined with a sense of community and tradition affects me to this day. I left a piece of my heart in Swaziland.


What are your goals over the next 10 years with Beauty Gives Back?

The goal we are supporting is to end the water crisis in Swaziland by 2022!



Can you share your “aha” moment when it comes to “giving back”? 

Being my father’s daughter, it was a constant in my life to always give back…. But if I had to pick an ‘AHA’ moment it would be when I was 14 years old and I saw Michaels Jackson’s video Man in the Mirror. That video, that message is definitely a major part of why I am so passionate about being an agent of change.

 We spend all our time and effort supporting stylists, we are honored to support #Iamavisualartist


Please update us on the “movement” and why you are so passionate about it:

First let me say thank you for your support! There is a perception that plagues this hair industry and how it is perceived to the rest of the world. When the Bank of England came back and said hairstylists were disqualified from the category  because they were not viewed as visual artists, it hurt me and then it enraged me!! There is not a cover of a magazine or runway fashion show or trend that has defined different periods in our history that were not influenced by hair. It’s not about getting my Dad on the 20 pound note. It is bigger than that. As in industry, it is important we change this perception! Sign the petition! Hashtag your work #Iamavisualartist… Stand up for your profession!


beautygivesback_official : Art Team!