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Time is a huge factor in every aspect of salon life. The flow is a constant juggle of squeezing in extra clients, them (or you) running late, and your need to create a perfect result every time. Choosing a brush before a blowout is an automatic reaction, we all have our go-to’s, but let's take a look at the material behind the tool and see how we can better our blowouts. 

Ionic brushes are the go-to for quick, polished and perfected styles. They are not made to detangle or groom the hair - for this we suggest using a paddle brush these bristles are also made of nylon but the structure of the brush is made for detangling and prep. The fact that Ionic Nylon round/square brushes don’t detangle is actually one of their perks! This means you won’t be snagging or pulling hair mid dry.

The interesting thing about ionic nylon brushes are their ability to alter their styling outcomes based on their barrel material and bristle/pin positioning. Large or small, metal based barrels will always offer more curl and alternate pin positioning can establish different drying times. With Ionic Nylon brushes you may find that you can give the hair as much curl as you want during the blowout without having to touch up after with a curling iron - which will ultimately speed up your blowout and give longer lasting curls to your clients. 

Lets get down to the core:


Our brushes emit ions during your blowout which help lock in moisture and fight frizz, reach for this brush when the hair type has more texture. This material is also great for color clients, as their hair may be more damages. Locking in moisture will ensure better hair health and a smoother finish for those raised cuticles. 





The 1907 Ceramic Coated barrel brushes use the same ceramic barrel technology but with a vented wooden handle which increases airflow and decreases hang fatigue and palm perspiration. It  also offers a low range of tension which will practically fight off that frizz for you!

The Rippled Ionic Nylon Bristle Thermal brush features the rippled bristle, this technology will increase the points of contact between hair and brush allowing for a faster drying time. Equipped with our ceramic coated barrel to ensure high heat resistance and a lightening fast finish. The benefit to a ceramic coated barrel is the ability for ease of heat transference while protecting the health of hair, the reduction in static is key to fight frizz with the wetter months ahead.


With stylists in mind we created our Copper Core Thermal Round Brush - by utilizing a copper core we improved the technology of the barrel which is naturally antimicrobial and gives us a 30% faster drying time. Additionally copper actually destroys 88% of bacteria and fungus helping reduce dandruff, itching and flaking! This brush also allows for accurate temperature control which is key with different hair types; finer hair types will damage at high heats and thicker hair requires additional heat to style.  This Copper Core also packs a secret punch - It has a boar bristle strip that will give you that extra bit of grip and shine! 

Now, you might think twice about which brush to pick for your blowout! We would love to hear your feedback about which Ionic Nylon brush works best for you!

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