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KEVIN.MURPHY has created a new tool that you're going to LOVE! Learn more about the feature below and find the perfect products for your hair type and style!



Our Personalised Product Matchmaker: all about.you!

Switching to a high-performing, professional range of hair care products is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your hair, but navigating your way through a maze of products can end up being a bit overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. To make the process easier (and more fun!), we have launched a product matchmaker, called all about.you, which was specially designed to provide you with a unique, customised product recommendation for your individual hair needs. We recognise and appreciate the fact that every person is unique and therefore deserves a tailored hair care regimen in order to attain beautiful, dream-worthy locks given their current hair texture.

“We believe strongly that when it comes to hair, like skincare, individuals need to use products specific to their hair type and desired results. No two heads of hair are the same,” explains Kevin Murphy. “For most customers, it can be confusing to know which products are best. We wanted to arm our clients with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions regarding their hair.”

Customers can use the product matchmaker tool online at home or in participating salons. The brief, eight question survey is available in seven languages, and prompts participants to answer a series of personalised questions related to their current hair texture and desired finished look. Upon completion, each participant receives a custom-made KEVIN.MURPHY product regimen to help them achieve the end results they’ve been wanting – including increased volume, thicker locks, shinier hair, defined curls, frizz-free strands and more! The tool also features an introductory video from Kevin, as well as tutorial videos and instructions on how to use the recommended product regimen.

All product matchmaker recommendations can be shared via email or directly with the participant’s salon or stylist to serve as a shopping list of KEVIN.MURPHY must-haves, which can be purchased in-salon during their next visit.

To find your unique hair care regimen, visit ALL ABOUT.YOU!

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