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Boots, boots and more cowboy boots led the way at the star spangled House Of Holland AW17 show at London Fashion Week. A road trip across America was Henry Holland’s inspiration for the show. He brought the Wild Wild West alive on a stage in the middle of London, as only he could.

Fringed dresses, tartan skirts and jackets, and cartoon characters were bustling on plush fabrics and bell-bottom denim. Creating quite the rodeo, there was a role for everyone with great variety in the pieces. The hair and makeup played a huge role in his narrative as individualized details were emphasized in each style.

Cos Sakkas, label.m International Artistic Director led the label.m Session Team backstage at House of Holland AW17. A Dolly Parton roll with distressed texture was the look for the show and was created with a few simple steps.

1. Prep front section of hair with label.m Volume Mousse and use a grooming brush and hairdryer to comb hair back, preparing for the roll.

2. Starting with a side parting, backcomb section by section and begin to roll, ending just behind the ear.

3. Work the left over hair from the roll into a 3-strand braid.

4. Curl the back area with a label.m Medium sized Tong.

5. Distress the hair with label.m Therapy Oil Mist and Hairspray.

*Tip: To keep the individuality of each model, they all had their own mix of products to finish the look.


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Check out even more styles from the show below!

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House Of Holland AW17 - label.m

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House Of Holland AW17 - label.m

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House Of Holland AW17 - label.m

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