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Inspired by Architecture, art and pixel hair color. We asked the multifaceted hair artist, Emmanueal Esteban, to tell us more about his latest collection and inspiration behind it. Luckily, he agreed to share what goes into his collections!

What was the inspiration behind your collection? How did the creative process unfold?

For this collection I tried to mix different kind of shapes. For example, a short top with wavy long hair or a bob with a very short, stepped fringe! Mixing a soft part with really sharp parts, a mix of texture, a composition of different structures. I took inspiration from the way Jackson Pollock was painting, being unaware of what he was painting; and after a while you just familiarize what you are doing. As it was a test shoot, I tried this technic for the cutting and detached the shapes with the coloring came after as well.

What are your must have’s for an amazing shoot?

For an amazing shoot my recipe is to have a good team. Creative people who understand you that is the key; because at the end of the day, it's a team effort…everyone is involved.

What’s on your shoot playlist?

My pump up playlist: French music, not all the team understands the lyrics, but everybody love the vibes!

What other areas of beauty do you draw inspiration from?

I am really interested in Architecture. Right now, I’m in love with Zaha Hadid’s creation. I also get a lot of inspiration in music. Lyrics are really important for me, what I feel when I listen to music I’d like to make people feel a different sensation when they see my work, as every kind of art should.

Who are your idols in the hair industry and have you been able to meet any of them?

My idols are Odile Gilbert , Olivier Lebrun and Angelo Seminara. I had the chance to meet Angelo once when I was a finalist for the British Hairdressing Awards.

Who inspires you?

If I have to choose anybody, I’ll choose my family. I am living far from home now, I don't do their hair to often and miss it. I have to say, I’m really critical about my idols.

What is the one tool and/or product you can't live without?

The tool I’ll never live without is my brain. It's where everything is coming from; creativity, technique, motivation ....

What hair trend are you loving right now?

Right know I’m loving the "Pixel" tehnique, from X-Pression, I’m completely in love with this technique.

Any Hair Trends you would like to revive?

I think one day or the other we will revive every hair trend. We just don't know how and with which evolution, like the new mullet right now.

What time of day do you feel most creative?

I feel more creative in the morning. It's easiest when I’m alone as well. My colleague and my friends like to say I don’t have a social life. I’m always doing hair after work or on my days off. When I am alone I am always trying to create something new.

You’re home alone with no one to judge you, what do you eat? What do you watch? What song do you belt out?

Alone, eating some french food. But always trying to be easy (even if I'm alone, I’ll be judging myself!) Watching some football or hair trends video on internet. I’ll be listening to "Nekfeu", the new French singer who have amazing lyrics about the life as it is now. It’s dificult for young people with the economic crisis.

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