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Haute off the Runway… 

Getting ready to go out, whether to work, on the town, or even just for coffee, should be something to look forward to. Expressing ourselves through fashion, including hair and makeup, is like playing dress up with the different facets of our personality. If you’ve ever had a street style crush on someone passing you on the block, you’ve probably also noticed that their hair is on point! 

By on point we don't mean; perfectly blown out or pristinely up-styled, we mean that the style of their hair matches and accentuates the outfit they’re donning. It’s worth saying… HAIR IS FASHION

We’ll admit, label.m does have extra practice on the fashion front, as London Fashion Week’s Official haircare product we’ve picked up on a few tricks to perfectly marry hair with your designer of choice.  


Ralph Lauren Chic - 

Fashion Style: You love styles that compliment your button down and light sweater with the occasional blazer, if even just to flip over your shoulder on the way into the “IT” restaurant in town. 

Hairstyle Match: A perfectly “messed up” high pony. Take strands from the base of the pony and wrap around the elastic for a clean finish. If your strands are baby fine, grab Texturising Volume Spray and give a once over to add a little added grip and movement to the hair. You will look like you effortlessly put yourself together while still maintaining a chic, refined look. 


Lantern Sense -

Fashion Style: You like simple shapes, leather jackets, and 90’s inspired threads and are not afraid of the “softer side of punk”. You are not afraid to play with products and can be seen rocking everything from bantu knots or faux dreads. You aren’t afraid to push the envelope and test out new colors, even if just for the day!

Hairstyle Match: Whether your hair is long or short, it is flowing and free. Your strands have a mind of their own and refuse to be categorized as curly, wavy, or straight, they are what they are. You aren’t afraid to play, pull back your hair with a safety pin, adorn it with earnings and jems. Rock the look no one else has thought of yet. 


Giles Deacon -

Fashion Style: Soft up-do’s make your heart swell, and you use your natural texture to create sweet braids with soft tendrils framing your face every chance you get. Hair Bungees are your favorite accessory to perfectly hold your soft styles.

Hairstyle Match: Braids, braids and did we mention braids? Whether it’s the milkmaid tied up in knots, or a “messy” fishtail….this chic go to has stolen your heart. It’s ok, we love them too. 


When you start to pay attention to dressing up your hair for your outfit, you’ll realize how much fun hair really is. Try out those latest runway looks, wear a bold lip to match your slick pony, and experiment with how-to’s to get the perfect fishtail braid. 

To stay in fashion, be sure to stalk label.m on Bangstyle for the latest trends, tips and tricks!