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The Ponytail: Time Saving, Sophisticated & Versatile!

Without fail, women can turn to the trusted ponytail for any occasion. The ponytail is a hairsyle that can be worn casual or dressed up for a special event or night out on the town! But how do we take a simple ponytaile and turn it into a style that is elegant and unique...in under 5 minutes? The Crossover Loop Ponytail is simple, has tons of character and visual interest and the best part ... it only takes a few minutes to do!

Watch the video above and view the step-by-step photos below to discover just how fast and simple it can be to upgrade your ponytails and leave everyone wondering just HOW it was done!

Tools Needed:
Sam Villa Texturizing Iron: We recommend texturizing the hair prior to styling. The texture added to the hair will not only create up to 3x more volume, but it will add more hold to ensure your style will not slip or fall out.

How To Create The Crossover Loop Ponytail

Starting at the lobe of the ear, take a diagonal slice of hair using your finger back toward the ponytail.

Cross that section diagonally up and over the top of your ponytail. When crossing that section over, come up through the opposite side of the ponytail with two fingers, grab the cross over section with those two fingers and bring that section down through the pony. Pull the cross over section down tight and secure with a hairpin.

Next take a diagonal section from the side you just pulled the hair through, cross it over to the other side and where we crossed the first time is where we will pull the hair through - just like you did on the opposite side of the head.

Carefully come up through the crossed section with two fingers and pull that section down through it. Secure that sectionh by sliding a grip down from the top.

Now that you have your ponytail created you can get creative with the remaining hair; continue down with a braid, add some curls or simply leave it straight for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Adding character to your ponytails can be so simple but have everyone wondering how you achieved that look!

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