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Fringe has been a huge influence in trends from runway to editorial and is now being seen in the mainstream salon environment as well. Although up until now fringe has mostly been associated with women’s trends, that may not be for long. As the trend evolves and longer haircuts for men are becoming prevalent, we are seeing the trend translate for men as well.

If this is a style you are aiming to try, think about your haircut first. There are certain types of styles that work best with fringe.

Long and layered styles tend to have a surfer-chic feel to them, which would pair perfectly with a soft, texturized side fringe. Keep them long enough to tuck behind your ears and keep out of your face when needed. For styling, we suggest using Grooming Spray to keep your fringe where you want it.

If you’ve updated your look to the recent modern shag you most likely already have a layer that is fringe length. Therefore creating a male fringe will be determined strictly by the way in which you style it. Prep your hair with Light Hold Texture Lotion and blow-dry your hair, aiming the airflow from your crown forward to your hairline to create a heavier fringe in the front. Then layer the look with Defining Paste to finish with a light hold.

Although George Clooney made this cut popular in the late ‘90s, the improved Caesar has been seen up and down the runways all season long. Instead of a straight across bang area, ask your stylist to keep it texturized, offering a softer finish to this classic cut. To style, prep hair with Alternator and then dust on Boost Powder to create a light, voluminous finish.

With grown out styles and longer lengths in demand; a fringe is the perfect pair for a new look. Experiment with styling tips and techniques and learn new tactics for your hair by checking out American Crew on Bangstyle!

See our product picks for grooming man fringe below!

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Grooming Spray

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Light Hold Texture Lotion

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Defining Paste

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Boost Powder