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Who said that Brazilians were just for women? Men can benefit greatly from a smoothing treatment, ahem – have you seen Justin Timberlake lately? It can give you the style you always wanted with a great amount of control that won’t wash out the next day.


For those of you who don’t already know what the Brazilian Blowout is, we’ll give you a little crash course.


A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment performed by a certified hairstylist. It improves the health of your hair while calming frizz and flyaways. The formula and application can be customized to the level of smoothing you desire, whether seriously smooth or with your wave/curl intact, Brazilian Blowout can do it all. This service takes only about 90 minutes in the salon (depending on hair length and density,) lasts for up to 12 weeks and has no down time once the service is completed.


Why you’ll love it? We’re sure you’ve seen cuts or styles on the street or in magazines and can never imagine your hair taking on this shape, but it can. With the help of a smoothing treatment your hair will have more control, more shine, and more manageability for whatever style you desire. Oftentimes men feel as though they need to play the hand they are dealt; however with Brazilian Blowout you’re sure to find a few aces up your sleeve.



 To enhance your style once you’ve had a Smoothing Treatment, use the Flexible Molding Clay Wax or Restorative Sculpt Define & Polish. It will add separation, definition, and or second day feel when needed. These products are sure to replenish your strands with nutrients and shine.



For more info about the process, what to expect from your treatment or to find a certified salon near you, be sure to check out Brazilian Blowout on Bangstyle and visit their website, BrazilianBlowout.com