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Men’s grooming is a little more straightforward that woman’s styling, simply because… they’re men. They will most likely sit in your chair and ask for a haircut. They don’t use the same descriptors as women or make as many demands, but don’t be fooled; men love to be pampered.


When it comes to men’s cuts, it is all in the details – this is what will make or break the entire session. Doing things like cleaning up properly behind the ears, trimming extra ear,  or eyebrow hair, and even dipping into the shirt to clean up the back a bit is always appreciated.


With Donald Scott, he makes taking extra care of your male clientele that much easier. With these tools you can get into all the details…


When using the DS/X4 Razor to clean the neckline, first prep the area by spraying Prepare Liquid Tool Guide to give you a little slip. it contains Coconut, Sunflower Oil, Green Tea, and Silk Powder to protect and sooth the skin.

Then, hold the DS/X4 on a 45% angle and glide through the superfluous hair on the neck to be cleaned.

Lastly, clean behind the ears to create a defined line.



If you prefer to use a trimmer; the Groomstick Pro is key for you, for use in the salon, at home or while traveling!


With three settings for your desired length it makes grooming a breeze!


You can use it to clean around the ears and nose:



Behind the ears, along the neck, and even the temples to sharpen those lines: 




Altough usually, men don't care about details... they will when it comes to their haircut. Treat them to an extra special service with ease, with Donald Scott NYC!

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