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2015 was the year of the Man Bun! Guys across the globe rocked “The Samurai,” Pony's, and even the Man Braid made it's way off magazine pages and onto the local sidewalk. This summer has marked a new season of change with the rising temps and locks passing an all time lengths, it's time to make the chop. Now the big questions arise, how do you keep the beard you grew to match the man-bob you loved, while still retaining the street cred you earned? Let’s be clear… nobody wants to you loose the beard envy you acquired over the past year. We want to help guide you to the next style you’ll be sure to impress dudes and ladies with.


The great part about grown out hair is that you are basically starting with a clean slate.  It can be tougher to shift gears with shorter hair; a small change for a big impact is a tall order. Since you don’t have the constraints of your previous cut, consider things like lifestyle when choosing your next shape. Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself.

There are so many haircut options, whether you are going for greaser or modern classic. Most of us get into a rut of the same cut from high school on, so try on these styles for a fresh start!


Keep length on top while adding a subtle fade to the shorter back. This updated “quiff” style can do wonders to show off your beard and subtly shift focus back to the hair on top of your head. If your hair has texture, revel in it this season by using a Paste to calm and control your strands.

Clean and Classic is always in style and a strong part has never been more in. Have we mentioned how gorgeous you’ll look in a suit with this one? If you’ve decided to go clean-shaven and still want a stellar look, this is the style for you. Use a Pomade to contour your side part and add sheen, the ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Fall for Fringe! No matter the face shape, trying out a fringe can be tailored to any length. Indicative of the classic Caesar, this style can be updated to fit your styling needs, whether you like it off to one side or straight to the front, use a Clay to ensure your pieces are perfectly placed in the right direction.



Give the man-bun a rest this year and show off your handsome face and when in doubt apply 18.21 Man Made wherever possible, the aroma will intoxicate the masses.