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The biggest misconception about men’s hair is that it’s easier than women’s. If you’ve ever seen how long it takes my better half to get ready, you’d agree!

Getting your space in the shower can be challenging when its, loaded up at every corner with your mate’s shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and who knows what else! Gentlemen, this leaves you with little to no room at all for your gear, so having a single go-to bottle is the key, and guy’s it doesn’t always to be tea tree, stimulating or tingling.

Claim your space in the shower with 18.21 Man Made Wash. There will be no confusing that the whiskey flask of wash is yours but, once she gets a whiff of your wash, she’ll make every effort to steal this heavenly sent substance for herself. It’s intoxicating Sweet Tobacco aroma will single handily make all of the other bottles in the shower feel bad about themselves.

You will realize that the shower is just another piece in the puzzle of good grooming when you wipe away the steam from the mirror and look remaining struggles directly in the eyeballs.

So, now that your hair is wet and considering that you’re at least a week late on that haircut and also being mindful that you don’t have much of an idea for what to do with the mop on top of your head realize that this is precisely the moment when good styling will save your life.


If your hair is textured opt for CLAY or PASTE and apply to wet hair and DRY IT, yes that’s right dry it, there are tools to accelerate the drying process and they are powerful. If you don’t have a dryer borrow hers, we wont tell anyone.

On wet or dry hair, the Clay will offer up a mix of thickening, activate the texture and provide a bit of definition whereas, the Paste is moldable, smoothing and controls texture, cowlicks and fly-aways for the remainder of the day. Are the curls simply out of control? Tame and smooth curls and accentuate natural waves with the water soluble POMADE.

Straight hair? That happens. Sometimes straight can become quite the challenge because it simply doesn’t want to do much of anything. Use POMADE to slick it into a classic look with a high sheen. 

Long locks? Avoid any urges you may have to succumb to the comb over. Consider applying PASTE to damp hair and air drying to accentuate your hairs natural texture. Maybe throw a bun, knot or braid into the mix.  Man braidsare so on point right now and look great when paired with classic looks like fades, hard parts, pompadours and other retro looks. 


So just remember, Man Made Wash takes the struggle out of the shower and use the styling goods to tame your tresses all of which, feature an aroma as proper as a fine whisky tastes. Cheers to that!

Be sure to check out 18.21 Man Made exclusively online in the Bangstyle Store and stalk them to stay up to date with all your Man Made needs!