Fef80906048d2c5cbaf0 modern shag for men


The shag was seen as one of the most prominent shapes in styling the past few seasons. Gracing the faces of women on catwalks, editorials and Instagram alike. This cut isn’t going anywhere and this season it’s broadening its reach, modernizing the style to males of all makes and models.


The modern shag is rooted in a 70s style shag with influences from the 60s era mop or bowl cut. If you saw it on the sidewalk you would characterize it as soft with natural texture that falls in all the right places. Technically the cut should be longer on top with long outer edges and a soft yet controlled shape. This style should be individually tailored to your hair type and styled accordingly.


If your modern shag has a mind of its own and you are not quite sure how to control your texture – allow your coif to air dry fully, prior to applying product.  Once your curls or waves are settled, use your fingertips to apply PASTE to any areas in need of control. If you fear frizz, go straight for the PREMIUM HAIR SPRAY – this will add shine and hold without disturbing your natural texture.


If you choose to rock a straighter shag you can use products to completely transform your look. (These styles are also perfect for a textured shag that is committed to straightening your style.) With a straighter modern shag you can part it in a myriad of ways; to the side, down the middle or straight back for a “no part” part. Picking products then completely depends on your personal preference for finish. If you want a slick style with a bit of shine, POMADE is perfect. For rougher looks with a bit of grunge opt for CLAY and if you simply want a controlled hold with minimal shine or mattifying power, reach for PASTE.


With any style, we suggest a spritz of PREMIUM HAIR SPRAY to lock in your look and keep your shag looking sophisticated all day.


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