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Spring styles for men are leading us into longer lengths for the warmer months. With innovation in men’s grooming at an all time high, men’s hair is able to take on new silhouettes, transcendent of natural texture. In this tutorial, "ALEX" from International Men’s Grooming Artist, Sarah Adams, we explore a textured cut with a razor, perfect to add some volume and movement to any head of hair!


This all over razor cut boasts great elevation and textural form it is great for dense or wavy hair.




1. Hold sections in the lower half of the head vertically. Starting in the front on each side and work toward the back cutting each section with the razor parallel to the section and with a razor motion sliding towards the back of the head.


2. Sections on top are held parallel to the floor, connecting in the back with the lower length, but disconnecting moving forward beginning behind the ear.


3. Top sections are over directed back starting behind the ear cut removing very little length.


4. Cut in curved motions deep into the hair but away from the hairline to generate lift and separation on the top.


5. Gel the hair before blowdrying lifting sections to expand the form, finish with a clay pomade for texture and hold.


For even more hair tips and tricks be sure to stalk Sarah Adams on Bangstyle and stay tuned for her latest styles!


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