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With a not-so-subtle nod to the ‘60s and flares from the ‘50s and ‘70s, Muiccia Prada created a revolutionary show amidst the backdrop of a teenager’s bedroom. With vintage movie posters lining the walls, the set gave off an undertone of the designer’s beliefs that were hard to be missed. The show was full of bright colors, dazzling textile designs and knee-length hems that still screamed sexy. Matching sweater sets and fur lined shoes and hoodies juxtaposed the crystal-beaded fringes, only adding to her mixed-medium affair. Hats were abundant everywhere at Fashion Week and at Muiccia’s show Baker Boy hats were donned atop the beautiful hair Guido Palau created.

“We’re cutting clumpy, choppy side bangs here at Prada. They’re very late 60’s – early 70’s, a bit rebellious in their own way to give a bit of toughness to a simpler style. I’m using a combination of Wind Blown 05 and Move Ability 05 to add a bit of texture into the hair. The look overall has one foot in beauty, and one foot in rebellion. We’ve also cut some of the girls’ hair, with a choppier bang, but all of the looks are tied together in their boyish femininity.” –Guido



  1. Create a clean center part using fingers.

  2. If needed, create a slight bend in hair using a curling iron.

  3. Spray Wind Blown 05 all throughout lengths, ends and at the crown for a dryspun, windblown texture.

  4. Using fingers, apply a dime-size amount of Move Ability 05 from roots to ends for flexible texture.

  5. Take the first 2-3” of hair on either side and razor-cut “grown out” side bangs for a rocker edge, ending each bang mid-way down the ear.

  6. For a light hold, finish with a spritz of Fashion Work 12 Hairspray.

Stay tuned for even more Fashion Week hair inspiration and be sure to stalk Redken on Bangstyle and check out the product picks below! 

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Wind Blown 05

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Move Ability 05

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Fashion Work 12