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We’ve been dying to know: does mother really know best when it comes to hair colour? We’re used to the old wives’ tales that have been floating around for centuries, but which tips from our mothers are actually true, and which are total myths? This Mother’s Day, we’re uncovering the facts behind all of your mom’s hair colouring advice!


1. FACT: Don’t shampoo your hair before getting it coloured. Even though you may not feel very hygienic, showing up to your salon with dirty hair before your colour service is actually better for your colour. The natural oils in your hair help the colour pigments grip on to the hair follicle and provide a protective barrier to your scalp, reducing the risk of sensitivities.


2. FICTION and FACT: Colouring your hair will leave it dry, damaged and brittle. It’s always best to consult with a professional when colouring your hair, as the process could be more damaging to your hair depending on its current condition. However, it is possible to maintain the integrity of your hair, especially when going lighter, according to Michael Jung, COLOR.ME Director of Education Europe. Just be sure to choose wisely and look for brands that offer gentle, from-the-earth ingredients, and be mindful about what’s realistically achievable for your hair type.


3. FICTION and FACT: Your grandma got grey hair in her 20s, so you will too. The development of grey hair is mainly hereditary, though it can also be a result from a combination of stress and certain lifestyle habits. In order to cover those pesky greys, opt for a colour line that offers 100% grey coverage and be sure to book your colour service in advance before your greys pop up again! While we are chatting about greys, that little rumour stating that if you pull out one grey hair, two more will grow back in its place? So false!


4. FICTION: Your eyebrows should match your hair colour. Many women think that your eyebrows and hair colour should match, but this is completely false. As long as your brow shade matches with your skin tone, any slight variation won’t make much of a difference, and matching your brow colour to your hair is usually unnecessary – think Julianne Hough, Emilia Clarke or Cara Delevingne.


5. FICTION and FACT: You can’t colour your hair when you’re pregnant. Every pregnancy is different, though it’s usually safest to opt for ammonia-free hair colour when revamping your locks. As always, consult with your primary care physician before making any colour changes to ensure protection for you and your baby-to-be!


6. FICTION and FACT: Hair colour is high-maintenance. The amount of maintenance your colour requires depends entirely on which technique you choose for your hair. Finding the right colour technique for your hair and lifestyle will play a big part in the amount of touch ups you’ll have to get. There are several low maintenance colour trends out there, like ombre, that won’t require you to make a salon visit every two weeks. Just be sure to let your colourist know of any relevant lifestyle factors before your service so that you can leave the salon worry-free and satisfied with your new colour.


7. FICTION and FACT: The colour you were born with is the most flattering on you. Not necessarily! Though you might look back at baby pics and go goo-goo ga-ga about your your youthful locks, our look evolves over time, therefore so can our hair colour. Depending on your skin tone and eye colour, you may be able to rock a variety of hues. Ask your stylist about FRINGE.BENEFITS to find out which colours look best on you! 


8. FICTION: You should change your hair colour according to the seasons. Your hair colour does not need to vary with the calendar year. If you feel confident in your colour, there’s no hidden rule that says you have to change it when summer or winter comes around, so don’t be shy about getting Balayage in the winter, or going for a darker hue in the summer!


9. FICTION: Using foods on your hair will enhance your colour. There are many household foods that are said to lighten or darken your hair, however many of these concoctions won’t result in a drastic colour change and may leave your hair feeling dry or smelling a little funky. We recommend visiting your salon for the best colour results, as your stylist will know exactly what steps you’ll need to achieve your desired hue and keep you looking your best. So even though it may be fun to lighten with lemons, enhance with beer and colour with Kool Aid, these at-home remedies won’t guarantee the best results and could result in a big waste of time or worse, a complete colour disaster!


10. FICTION: After colouring your hair, you should wait a few days for the colour to “settle down”. Unless you are washing your hair with dish soap (don’t!), your hair colour generally won’t change a few days after it’s been coloured; it may just take some time for you to get used to it. Since your hair is so close to your facial features, the change may seem more drastic to you than it really is. Despite the common belief that colour “settles” in to your hair, your colour won’t actually fade within a matter of days, you’ll just notice it more right after your service is done and become more accustomed to it over time!


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