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Marco Natali gave us an inside look at Movember in Switzerland, how and why he is involved in the foundation, and advice to other professional barbers who would like to get involved in this wonderful cause! 



How did you get involved with Movember? 

I got involved with Movember, because I was approached by Doctors of the University of Zurich, they asked me for be the Barber for the Movember event of Zurich. I am happy to do something for the Prostate Research and be a part of this cause.



Can you tell us more about events you’re involved with for Movember? 

Movember comes from Australia for Prostate Research all over the world. More and more countries do this event so that people are aware of it and it allows even more barbers to work together for this cause. So this year we did it in the Brisket Restaurant in Zurich and did a big event so we could spread the word for the cause in Switzerland.



What does Movember mean to you, as a stylist/barber?

For me its really nice to see how many people are getting a mustache, and to get every body talking about Movember. And its really cool that I can be a part of it, and can bring it to the people.


What advice would you give to other stylists and barbers who want to get involved?

For other barbers: go to the official Movember website and ask them to be a part of it and to be a barber for the events.

How have men's hair trends changed over the years since the advent of Movember?

Hair trends haven't changed much, but for the whole month of November you see mustaches on the streets!

Are beards/Moustaches gaining popularity? 

Yes, of course! After this metrosexual time facial hair is coming back but only with beards and mustaches with nice shaped eyebrows. If the beard is short from 1mm to the breast. And mustache going famous too. Every or every second have a beard also the stars like Johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Brad Pitt and much more.


7. What is the most popular hair trend that clients ask you for?

The most Popular Hair Trends at the moment are the haircuts from the years 1910 to 1950. Like Classic Hairstyles but kind of modern.


8. What do you think will be the most popular men's style next year?

The most popular hair styles next year will be long hair by for men. Now they still growing from their first year, so next year will be big beards and long hair.



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