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Although #BeardsFromBelow is the latest in Instagram trending, stealing the spotlight of the Movember beard trend, turned year-round style, we are looking more in depth at the beard trends for fall and it’s looking a little bare.


What’s the new beard style for fall you ask…? Based on stylists, bloggers, and men all around, it’s the no-beard beard. Welcome, the Yuccie; beards are out and faces are back in. What does this mean for your style? It means you need to take a deeper look at your haircut, because it will now be the main focus.


If your jaw line is strong, go for a softer look. This will juxtapose any harsh angles and create a lovable look. Think longer locks, rocking your natural texture, and undone layers. This might possibly mean that in your free time, you’re rocking a man bun. To style your sweet new ‘do, opt for a dab of PASTE throughout your dried locks and dash with a bit of Hairspray to lock in your style and prevent frizz, while still feeling free.

If your jaw is on the rounder side, find a medium length cut that accentuates your hairline. Keep softness around the neck and length on top, to elongate your look. Style your cut with CLAY to give your quiff more hold and contrast.

If you must keep that mustache, keep the rest of your face clean and go for a shorter style with a tailored look. Messy chic is going out alongside white pants after Labor Day, so opt for a high and tight style with clean layers. Use a POMADE to slick back your locks and keep your style shiny.


It’s no wonder the face is back in style; just take a look at all the fresh-faced Olympians as they jump out of the water or down the track with clean-cut styles. How do you feel about the beard in your life? What style will you be trying next?

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