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With the power of the Professional Series Dry Cutting Scissor by Daniel Roldan Hairstyling Co., you can see the layers fall as you work. This means a superior style with more control in less time. Faster. Stronger. Better.


Trendsetting celebrity stylists love the dry cut—it helps them create brand new looks for their A-list clients with precision and accuracy. 

Adopt the trend for yourself with CUT - Professional Series Scissors from Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co. With ergonomic handles, a wider and flatter profile blade and micro-serrated edges, you can cut the hair with more comfort, power and precision. 

Dry cutting allows you to see the cut as you work. Once you create a layer, you can capture exactly how it falls. Compare that to cutting the hair when it’s wet, where you have to blow-dry your client in order to see the final look—good or bad. 

The dry cutting technique is great for curly-haired clients. When hair is wet, it’s harder to see where the hair naturally falls, since all the curl is taken out. If you cut when it’s dry, you’ll see how to create the perfect shape to suit each individual curly hair type. 

These scissors also save you time. A wider, flatter profile blade allows you to push out the hair with a little weight, giving the client a faster and more precise cut. The blade is also micro-serrated, which gives you more control over hair slippage, making sure you get the right cut the first time. The handles are ergonomically designed for all-day lasting comfort.  

Your investment in the Daniel Roldan scissors will continue to pay off. Micro-serrated edges can be sharpened many more times than a normal blade. Plus, there is a lifetime guarantee on the hardware of the scissor. If something happens, it’s easily fixable. 

Experience the cutting-edge advantage of the Professional Series Dry Cutting Scissor from Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co. and give your clients their best hair yet.