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Bangstyle would like to give a warm welcome to our newest member, FUEL! We'll let them take it from here and give you a bit more insight into who they are, what they stand for, and how they aim to educate True Stylists.

As a brand, we believe in The Power Behind Your Creativity - giving stylists the proper guidance to succeed with their styles, from concept to creation. With an aim to help you feel comfortable behind the chair we give you the education, products, and tools necessary to create amazing work and become a True Stylist. 


We believe that when you embody a True Stylist, you are going above and beyond the norms of salon needs. You have a great attitude toward everyone you work with, work ceaselessly to please your clients, constantly strive to educate yourself, and perform the most beautiful styles you can, day in and day out. With a totally new approach to professional hair care, we are focused around the needs of True Stylists. We strive to educate first, through world class learning, to generate immediate results for you behind the chair.


At the heart of Fuel’s philosophy, we aim to inspire real-world education that addresses the day-to-day challenges hairstylists face in cutting and upstyling. Through a curriculum that easily transitions from classroom to salon, hairdressers build their confidence and advance their skills in these two key disciplines. Fuel powers the True Stylist, allowing them to release their full creativity and deliver sensational results every day.

To learn more about the products, tools and education options with Fuel, be sure to stalk them on Bangstyle and check out their site, Fuelhair.com!