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Choosing a new color can come from a feel, a photo, an emotional tie, or a spur of the moment choice as you flip through a magazine. But, executing that new color can often be rooted in drawbacks stemming from concerns for the overall health of your client’s hair, but it doesn’t have to. With our latest line, So Pure, Keune is unleashing a new way to color, care, and style hair that creates soft tones and ethereal styles while improving the quality of the hair.


Since 1922, Keune has continued to revolutionize the way beauty products are formulated and So Pure is no exception. Using 100% Pure Plant extracts and aromatherapy, will transform your client's hair without taking a toll on it. So Pure Color is an ammonia-free alternative for those seeking a change without the chemicals. With 2-6 levels of lift and gorgeous tones between cool blonde and intense warm browns, it is the perfect complement to the upcoming season. 



The unique So Pure color formulas contain phytokeratin to rebuild hair structures, organic Argan oil to add moisture and strength, and conditioning agents from its coconut oil based cream. With energizing shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, elixirs and essential oils - So Pure bridges the gap between salon and home-care with it's styling range. Giving your clients the natural color and styling products they’ve been searching for.



Keune, for the salon professional since 1922.

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