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Buns, braids, buns!

Is your hair on the chopping block?

After a dreamy holiday season of glamorous makeup, hair styling, and dressing up, I think everyone could all use a spa day! It takes a lot of work executing our mused-over beauty looks!

It seems as though we may have tired out our hair, skin, and nails in the process, and it is going to take more than quitting products cold turkey to fix the fatigue. Our skin needs to breathe and be moisturized and our hair needs some masks and a trim! Take the bun down and prepare yourself for restart.

Unless we are ready for our Spring style, truth is, we dread trims. There is a happy medium between an inch too much and too little. The balance is difficult, but the necessity is real. If you are looking into the future (or your low biotin bottle) and are awaiting healthier, longer hair; book your appointment and get the proper shampoo. Yes, shampoo. 

Stimulating your roots will help to kick start your plans for length and what better time than now to start. Who could say no to a shampoo with amino acids, emu oil, and biotin anyhow? Talk about soft too, if you love how light and smooth your hair feels after the salon, then you will love your hair post shower! Even if an upcoming shorter style is in the plans, Revita delivers hydration, nutrition, and protein to the hair and scalp. 

Don’t fear the scissors and take your hair care into your own hands!


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