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As we look back on the year, we realize that there were some really great styles that surfaced.  From the addition of paddle brush techniques, curls without a curling iron, and the addition of some pretty sweet accessories for holiday hair, there were plenty of tips and tricks to improve the style of your hair. 


As New Years Eve approaches, we need a style to step up our game and end the year with a bit of sparkle!


Want to show off your neckline? Opt for an unstructured up-do, and if you’re feeling fancy, add a braid!



To get this look, begin by blowing out your hair with a bit of texture. Once cool, create a loose, side-swept braid, pulling apart the strand to create an undone texture. Secure with a small elastic and pull the rest of your hair back to the nape. Loosely twist the remainder of your hair around itself and use another elastic (and a few bobbies for thicker textures) and create a messy knot. Pair with some non-touring and a festive dress and you’re all set for the ball drop!



Love to wear your hair down? Add a little extra oomph by accentuating your wave!



After blow drying and curling your hair all in the same direction, use a comb to brush out the curl and create a uniform wave. To get this classic look to stay, place alternating clips within the movement to get the style to hold. Spritz with hairspray and allow to cool, then remove clips and grab a glass of bubbly!



If you’re the type of girl that loves simple styles, use a round brush to create a flawless blowout and add in an accessory of your choice. Whether you add extra curls with a curling iron, or go for straight and simply, accessories are in this year and just waiting for the perfect occasion.





What are you favorite styles for the New Year? Sound off below and be sure to tag your holiday hairstyles on Instagram @FrommBeauty!