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Cover Style: Andrea Claire

Contouring to one extent or another will always be in fashion, that is just the way that trends work. They take on new forms and give nods to what they once were. As the new contouring or non-contouring trend, “non-touring”, takes birth we can see the movement echoed in hair trends by adding a quick pick-me-up to your color routine. 

As highlights, ombre’s, sombre’s, and more recently babylights, come into fashion, there is a quick trick to give your color a bit of extra shine - Get a gloss. Glosses are a semi-permanent hair color that simply coat your hair and correct shades, they can not lift or permanently change your color. Glosses can actually be a great choice for any hair color, light or dark, looking to add some depth. 


If you’re new to this concept, after getting highlights your stylist will normally apply a gloss or “toner” to your hair to get the exact shade they desire. By exact shade, we mean perfecting the warm or cool tones of your already lifted hair. If you have a dark shade and routinely get root touch-ups, adding a gloss to your ends will help them look shiny and fresh, without getting an all over permanent color. 

To keep your hair looking fresh and shiny in between highlights, or to accentuate your natural color, ask your stylist for a gloss. It's the hair version of non-touring; low maintenance, lightly strobed, fresh faced, and simple.  

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