94869561d70eb898b054 the perfect pony


As spring begins to turn into summer and the temperatures are heating up, try out this perfect pony tutorial for a fun twist on a classic style. In this hair tutorial Valerie Alessandro shows us the steps to get this effortless chic look.

The Steps

1      Take a mohawk parting from bang area to the top of the head, work in dry shampoo to add grit and hold and then tease to add volume.


2      Using a styling brush smooth hair, pulling the front sections into a half pony.


3     Starting at the temple, create a small section and tie into a ponytail using a clear rubber band.


4     Feather the half ponytail section and place another clear elastic to create a bulbous shape. As you do this being to comb back sections from the front of the face to attach to this next section. 


5     Following the shape of the head allow these sections to fall naturally as you secure them back. Spritz each section with Redken Triple Take 32 to finish each section. 


6     Repeat steps 4 & 5 as you encorporate the last section at the nape of the neck.


7     Continue to create bulbous sections for the rest of the length of the hair and then spritz with Redken Shine Flash 02 to create a luminous finish.


The final look:



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