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Diamonds are a girls best friend, seriously though!. We always thought those kind of things didn’t matter… but let me tell you, Marilyn knew what she was talking about! Shine and glitter and all things bright definitely catch our eye. Besides being the perfect arm candy, diamonds make a perfect gift for your hair as well. label.m has created the perfect way to gift anyone diamonds this year… Diamond Dust.


One thing we all learn in life too late is to take care of our body properly, and to treat ourselves to certain luxuries in life. Hair and skin care are very high on our list of priorities, if you could peek into my shower you would agree. 


What exactly do diamonds in your shampoo and conditioner do? The Micro Diamond Complex removes toxin’s and buildup on the hair and scalp. It boosts natural texture, adds body and movement while delivering shine and silkiness to your hair. Alongside our favorite mineral, are pearl dust, champagne, and white rose petal oil… That sounds like our kind of date night! 


Other ingredients: 


- Champagne outside of that flute - Champagne actually works as a deep cleanser for your hair, to reveal its natural shine leaving your hair radiant and revived. 


- Mother of all… Pearls - Pearls actually contain a high concentrate of amino acids, which delivery necessary proteins to your hair to renew elasticity and moisture. 


- White Rose Petal Oil and all things nice! -  Apart from the name sounding absolutely divine, this oil, consisting of essential fatty acids acts as a deep moisturizing aid, to help sooth your scalp and strands, restore gloss and smooth dry damaged hair.  


Can’t get enough diamonds? There’s a Diamond Dust body lotion too.. with the same exfoliating and moisturizing agents, its sure to leave your skin shimmering inside and out! 


It’s never too late to treat yourself for the New Year, pour yourself a glass of champagne and draw yourself a bubble bath, It’s Time To Shine! 


Stay tuned for 3 Genius Tips To Get You Through The Holidays…


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