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Beginning in 2014, the PBA started an annual Lifetime Member Scholarship program that is awarded to Five Aspiring Students, Professionals looking to enhance their education and for career development. It was created to celebrate Beauty Professionals and their commitment to the PBA and continued education.  

Recipients of this years Lifetime Member Scholarship will receive $1,000 each to hone skills essential for advancing in the industry. Sponsored by the Joseph L. Weir Trust, which was established in 1984 for charitable and educational purposes.


The following recipients will each receive $1,000 to be applied toward cosmetology school fees, advanced education and other expenses:


·         Natalia Pryannik, California

·         Heather Tonarelli, California

·         Kylie Youmans, Colorado

·         Laura Jones, Minnesota

·         Catherine Lopez, Ohio


“The Professional Beauty Association’s mission to advance the beauty industry focuses on aspiring and licensed professionals. We respect the amount of time, energy and effort these individuals dedicate to acquire their licenses and sustain their careers,” said PBA Executive Director Steve Sleeper. “These scholarships are not only a token of our association’s appreciation, but also a recognition from our Lifetime Members.”

Lifetime Member Scholarships are awarded to both students and licensed professionals who demonstrate their dedication to the beauty industry and desire to make a positive, long-term impact.

“While cosmetology school prepared me with the basics, I still felt I needed to learn more to land a better job and stand out from other newly licensed cosmetologists. I already had student loans, so getting more in debt to seek out advanced education or certifications was not an option,” said 2016 Lifetime Member Scholarship Recipient Heather Tonarelli. “Winning the scholarship is huge for me. The impact on my career is immeasurable. I will have more advanced training early in my career so I have more to offer to employers and clients. With advanced training, I’ll be more confident and knowledgeable, and able to use my artistry and education for a career, not just a job.”

“I am very honored to be selected as a scholarship recipient.  I expect that winning this scholarship will have a positive impact on my life and my career!” said Laura Jones, 2016 Lifetime Member Scholarship Recipient

Kylie is another recipient of the award, a Colorado native, she enjoys all aspects of the industry especially the amazing conversations she gets to have with her clients day in and day out. “My main goal in the beauty industry is to give the person in my chair the attention they deserve. I want them to leave feeling heard, seen, and like a total ten! This scholarship provided the opportunity for me to spend less time at my day job and have more energy to focus on my clients and opportunities to do hair/makeup outside of school. I am so thankful to receive such a gracious gift to benefit my future!” – 2016 Lifetime Membership Scholarship Recipient Kylie Youmans

Originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Natalia studied International Relations, upon moving to California with her family she began her studies in Cosmetology. As an active student she has participated in many competitions already. “My career goal is to become an editorial stylist. The PBA Lifetime Member Scholarship Award for me is an incredible honor and such an amazing, life changing opportunity to get so much needed experience and learn from the best in the industry. I feel so blessed and empowered on my way to follow my dream.” - 2016 Lifetime Membership Scholarship Recipient Natalia Ghandour


We are so very proud of the winners of this year’s scholarship and encourage all Students, Professionals, and Creative individuals alike to apply for the scholarship next year.

For additional information about PBA scholarship opportunities and deadlines can be found at http://www.probeauty.org/scholarships.