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Author Lainee Read

This post was originally published on SamVilla.com

Sometimes when we head into the salon for our appointment we are so excited that we often forget to think about our stylist and certain salon customs we are forgetting about. There is such a thing as salon etiquette; from tipping to cancelations, we want to keep our stylists happy and our hair looking great, so we created a list to ensure you get the most out of your visit, while keeping your stylist happy.


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This is the biggest confusion of them all. What determines how much you should leave for your stylist?

The appropriate tip amount for a hairstylist is 20% of the cost of your service.

Now, should that amount ever change? Perhaps you showed up late, had to bring your kids along for the adventure or maybe your stylist worked wonders and squeezed you in at the last minute; these are all reasons why you should tip a little extra. Your stylist works on a structured schedule and yet understands that things happen, but we suggest you show your appreciation for a job well done. On the opposite side, maybe your stylist kept your waiting longer than expected or the service didn't go as planned. Just because the appropriate tip amount is 20% of the service doesn't always mean that it's owed. Remember, this is a relationship and there should be equal respect on both sides :)

Phones, Laptops, Tablets:

We get it, most of our lives function entirely around our electronics. Perhaps you work off your device or you just can’t miss the latest Sam Villa Instagram post, either way, our devices are connected to us at all times.

But it can come across as rude and cause your stylist to feel shut out and all around uncomfortable. If you cannot fully disconnect from your device, we suggest explaining to your stylist why you may be answering emails or texts. This could result in your stylist asking you to step outside while he/she takes care of another guest, so be aware that your time in their chair is valuable. Make commitments about the use of electronic devices during the consultation so there is never a misunderstanding. 


Life happens and things come up from time-to-time that we cannot avoid. Unfortunately, this might cause us to cancel an appointment… so what is the best way to go about this?

When you book your appointment, make sure you are aware of your stylists' cancellation policy. If at all possible, give 48 hours notice or more. If for some reason you do end up canceling last minute, be prepared for your stylist to charge a fee. And as a rule of thumb, if you are running late, give your stylist a phone call to let then know you're running behind. The more open the communication, the better!

Ask Questions:

At times, we can feel uncomfortable asking too many questions and feel like we are bothering our stylist. Get rid of this mindset and dare to step outside your comfort zone. If you have questions about styling, why your stylist is using a certain technique, and/or what products are being used, ask away! Stylists love to teach and want you to look beautiful outside the salon because after all, if you look good, they look good (more referrals). Communication is key.

Misc. Details:

If you are unhappy with your new cut/color, tell your stylist! They are not mind readers so it’s important for them to know the truth. It’s proper salon etiquette for your stylist to correct the look if it was not performed the way you agreed upon, and most stylists want to get it right. Communication is key here, talk with them and it will benefit the both of you.

Finally, do not show up to your appointment sick. Trying to cut hair while your guest has a cough is almost impossible, not to mention inconsiderate of others at the salon, we suggest keeping the germs at home. You wouldn't want your stylist showing up sick, would you? ;)


Do you have other suggestions for proper salon etiquette? Please share in the comment section below.

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