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Everyone has good hair days and great hair days, but have you ever thought about what exactly is behind the difference? The cuticle layer of your hair is the outermost layer of a strand of hand and it slightly resembles the scales of a fish or the shingles of a house. When the hair is healthy and well taken care of, this protective layer or cuticle, lays flat. It holds moisture in better and reflects light, making hair look shiny. If you’re wondering how yours got damaged, well… that could be a lot of things. Not to worry, it isn’t permanent and here’s how to improve it!

Whether you are a snow bunny or beach babe… your hair is heavily affected by the weather. If exposed to cold, dry air often, your hair like your skin can become dry. Damage from cold dry air can ruffle up those “shingles” on your hair letting precious moisture escape. This is why weekly deep conditioning treatments become your go-to to get that shiny happy hair back. Try Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque for a pick-me-up!

In the summer, it’s the sun and humidity you have to be careful of. The sun can be harmful to your hair, reducing the life of that beautiful new color you just got and dry out your beach-worthy long locks. Sheesh, your hair can’t catch a break right?! What to do? Reach for products that have natural UV protection like Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray.  This will give hair back moisture while keeping it safe to play in the sun.

Show your hair some love and aim to prevent breakage versus dealing with damage control. Give your hair just enough moisture to keep it looking smooth, shiny and gorgeous with heaps of volume. Don’t let the elements spoil all your fun!

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