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Hair by: Christophe-Lambenne

Pumpkin Spice, and all things NICE!

October happens to be my favorite month and not just because it’s my birthday! The minute the phrase “Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte's are back” goes back up on bus stop ads, I am out the door and dying for all things Fall. From warmer hair tones, to cozy scarves.... and home made stuffing baked in small pumpkins. It's fair to say I am fall obsessed!

There are so many cues to take inspiration from during the Fall season. Here are a few of our favorites…

Warmer tones in your hair color:

Don’t be afraid of a little warmth, or copper! Fall is the perfect time to warm up your hair-color ditching the cool tones of summer. Try a rich Mahogany or a warm Chestnut color, this is the season to check out the fall leaves and take the hint from Mother Nature.

Hair by: Natasja Keijzer

Grab a coat, time to ditch the Summer “cool”:

Not ready to go from a cool blonde to a warm brown? What about simply warming up your blonde? Try adding in a few low lights? Or ask your stylist for golden highlights to warm up the previously cool summer shade. You’d be surprised the impact a few warmer tones can have on your overall look.


Hair by: Peachy Stylist

Brave the reds:

Feeling brave this season? Why not give red a try? Season after season reds are always in style and have a way of catching eyes as you pass on a busy sidewalk. Try a deeper warmer red or copper! Ask your stylist what shade would work best with your eye and skin tone.

Hair by: Ray Hornback

Remember, now that you are embracing a warmer color….you may need to look at your makeup, and lipstick, routine. Changing your hair-color will have an effect on the final look. Ask your stylist for make up tips on your new color. You’ll be surprised, most stylists have experience applying make up too!

Now, grab your latte, pop a fire in the fire place and get scrolling for your new fall inspired look!