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Your turkey and stuffing are in the oven. You can hear Dad contemplating (out loud) all the things you should change about your house. And you are positive the puppy is digging yet another hole in the backyard again. And all before you have time to shower and get ready for your house full of holiday guests. Are you seriously supposed to spend time melting in the bathroom blowdrying your hair for the next 30 min?! On the bright side… it’s quiet in there.


If you are anything like we are…stressed and worried about burning the centerpiece of the holiday, you’ll want getting ready to be easy! Check out a few of our easy hair hacks to make getting ready a snap this holiday season!



Braided Waves

Work in a texture or volumizing product into your wet hair, pop your hair into a braid and air dry for perfect (and easy) waves. Take sun and shake out right before your guests arrive for a lived in, relaxed chic style.



Perfect Pony:

Nothing says polished and stylish like a high pony! Adorn the elastic with holiday ribbon or grab for a bracelet to give it a little sparkle. Either way, this simple style will leave you looking anything but plain!



Air Dry:

Just because you are strapped for time doesn’t mean you have to look that way! Air drying doesn’t have to mean messy or even worse… flat hair. Embrace your natural texture and waves with a curl enhancer and let your mane down to steal the show.



Check out more #hairinspo styles and tips here. We hope you, and your killer hair, have the fabulous holiday you deserve!