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Individuality has been a huge trend throughout various mediums among designers, stylists and artists alike. This was prevalent at the latest Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris; runways were filled with natural textured models of all shapes and sizes. To achieve this type of look, stylists used air-drying techniques in combination with perfectly paired products, creating a natural feel.

As these runway inspired trends trickle into daily life we realize that one in two women air-dry their hair. This has created a growing need for education, product, and techniques to aid in achieving this look. With this in mind, Redken created new No Blow Dry air dry stylers. Due to the fact that clients don’t always have enough time or energy to heat style their hair, these stylers offer them the ability to achieve a frizz-controlled style on the go.

What makes Redken No Blow Dry different from other leave-in’s is Redken’s Air-Tex Technology - a system of flexible polymers for control and movement and quick dry polymers that help speed up drying time. With three creams, Airy Cream for fine hair, Just Right Cream for medium hair and Bossy Cream for coarse hair types, there is a product for everyone.

“It can seem counterintuitive for a stylist to recommend a styling product that involves nothing more than air-dry,” says Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken Salons in NYC. “However, for me, products like No Blow Dry perfectly capture today’s clients: they’re multitaskers on-the-go, and as we’ve seen at Fashion Week, that effortless look is more chic than ever. As a stylist, it’s important for me to give a client a great cut and shape so that their hair can dry naturally, and this product is the perfect complement. It’s unrealistic to think that a customer will blow dry their hair every single day for that fresh-out-of-the-salon look, so recommending an air dry cream is a great alternative to suggest so clients can still achieve amazing style.”

Whether you air dry your hair to avoid damage, don’t have the time to heat style, or simply like the look, using No Blow Dry creates an effortless style through both look and feel. Check out our latest tips below for a look that suits your style. 



·         For loose beach waves, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry to damp hair. Create one loose braid and let hair air-dry. Undo braid, and shake out hair to perfectly waved tendrils.

·         For tighter beach waves, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then create two or more braid, depending on hair’s thickness. Let hair air-dry, then undo braids and shake out hair.

·         For a soft, face-framing bend, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then clip hair behind ears and allow it to air-dry. Unclip, then gently tousle.

·         For bouncy waves with root volume, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then twist hair into a high topknot, and allow to air-dry. Undo the topknot and gently brush through.

·         For tousled waves with sleek roots, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then twit hair into two low buns, and allow to air-dry. Undo the buns and gently brush through.

·         For enhanced natural texture, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then scrunch hair and allow it to air-dry.

·         For defined natural curls, apply the appropriate No Blow Dry then gently twist curls into shape using fingers and allow to air-dry.


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No Blow Dry, Airy Cream

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No Blow Dry, Just Right Cream

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No Blow Dry, Bossy Cream