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Behold our new editorial perfect for Summer/Fall 2015. Beauty, elegance and subtlety was the formula for this collection. We used new talent, Katya Estes and Molly Robbins for their look of innocence, but to also convey the strength of a "Stoic Beauty”. Styled by Raina Trimble, she pulled from her vintage collection bright colors to reflect the summer shine. We wanted to create a contemporary take on retro hairstyling.

Ashley Flora polished her Make up brushes to create clean make up aesthetics on these models. Joey Goldsmith Photography was responsible for shooting and editing this collection. He used a custom Oliphant backdrop and we decided to shoot outdoors for natural light. The natural light showed off the highlights and dimensions of the models hair, make up and wardrobe. We wanted to create a clean, simple yet very polished collection.



For the looks, the hair was directional blow dried using Redken's Guts 10 and the Sam Villa hairdryer .  Hair was then set using a 1 inch Marcel and pinned to cool. A custom hair piece was used for color dimension on Molly's long brunette hair then combed out and reset to create her waved hair. Katya's hair was set in a similar fashion  based on model's facial shape on her shorter blonde mane for a modern, vintage look.



For Molly's next look, her hair was brushed upwards to create a ponytail on top of her head and secured with elastic creating a butcher's knot. Since hair was previously set, I reformed the curls and meticulously placed them around the top for a romantic feel.  Katya's up style was created by taking small subsections and back combing using the Tearsheets’ bone comb for volume then to smooth out the teased sections and twisted and secured with hairpins. 


The images convey strength, beauty and romance.



Photography: Joey Goldsmith  www.goldsmithphoto.com @goldsmithphoto 
Hair: Matthew Tyldesley  www.matthewtyldesley.com @hairbymatt 
Make Up: Ashley Flora www.aflorasalon.com @aflora_hmua 
Styling: Raina Trimble @rainatrimbledesigns 
Model: Katya Estes @ekaterina_estes 
Model: Molly Robbins @mollyrobbins

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