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For over 50 years Redken has been on the forefront of stylist education and innovative products. Always ahead of the trend, Redken mixes fashion with form and function to create breathtaking hair design. This year, after nearly 20 years at our previous home - we decided to make a move!

Redken's home will always be on 5th Avenue, only now - a few doors down to make way for some exciting changes and innovative improvements for all of the staff and stylists we love so dearly. We had the pleasure of spending many years at 565 Fifth Avenue, and now the Redken Exchange will relocate its renowned training facility and Redken Gallerie to a newly-renovated Fifth Avenue location!

“Anyone who attends The Redken Exchange is guaranteed to walk away with a rekindled spirit and at the same time, have fun learning! It is important to view hairdressing as a career that included continuous education; a willingness to learn and try new things. Experimenting and striving for quality are vital to being at the top of your game.”

-Sam Villa Education Artistic Director
        With Redken for 20 years

Our new space is located at 404 Fifth Avenue, just a few blocks south of our original home. Beginning in March 2016, Redken Exchange will officially open its doors to all 9,100 square-feet of creative bliss! With our 72-seat classroom we will begin to offer classes highlighting our new curriculum. We will also have a testing area in which stylists can experiment with the latest technology and product launches from Redken. The Redken Gallerie is where the magic starts — stylists will be able to shop all of their favorite Redken haircare, styling, and haircolor products, as well as tools and gear! 

“I encourage everyone to open the door of opportunity at The Redken Exchange for whatever area of the industry that they want to focus on. When you surround yourself with like-minded people, it can change your future! If it can happen to this little Polish girl from London, it can happen to anyone!”

-Kris Sorbie, Education Artistic Direction 
    with Redken for 16 years

“Redken has always been at the forefront of the industry’s latest techniques and technology and the Redken Exchange is no exception,” says Sheri Doss, VP Education, Redken Worldwide. “Throughout this past year, Redken has celebrated several milestones including a redesigned education path, a renovated website and finally with the new Exchange, a space that brings to life the latest industry advances and gives us the proper tools to help the stylist community excel in all that they do.”

“I thought I was put on this earth to be the best hairdresser I could be, but Redken Education changed my life and career. I now know that I was put on this earth to be the best teacher I could be, and help change other hairdresser’s lives. I’m excited for the new memories and great learning experiences that await us at our new home.” 
-Chris Baran, Education Artistic Director
    With Redken for 20 years

For more hair tutorials and product knowledge be sure to register at Redkenpro.com and sign up for classes at the new Redken Exchange!