E10493676725d283a3e6 rose gold beauty trends


As one of the hottest jewelry trends the past few seasons, it was only time before this style made its way into the beauty world. If you’ve seen Kylie’s latest hair shade… and I mean, who hasn’t? You’ll know that her hair looks a perfect shade of Rose Gold, giving the iPhone a run for its money. As copper tones come into the limelight, this shade is the perfect compliment for any level of lightness.


One of the greatest things about this trend is that it doesn’t need to be an all over color, rose gold has an ability to cast a beautiful shadow on lighter and darker shades, which means less bleach and less damage. It is the perfect accompaniment to add depth or warmth and can be used as highlights or simply an all over gloss.


Need another reason to go rose gold? Take a peek at some of our favorite looks from this beauty trend:




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