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To create great work Stylists must give themselves the proper tools to create their hair art with. As a stylist the great debate has often been made about what type of scissors to invest in and which type are right for your needs. Ask anyone and they’ll agree that a solid pair of scissors is an essential tool for any stylist and an important investment to be made.

Why invest in a good pair? Quality scissors are crafted from the finest metals (in our case Japanese Steel) which is the leading material for top notch scissors. Japanese steel is the hardest of metals used in scissors. This is important because sharpness of steel effects how sharp the edge of the blade will be; having a hard edge allows for accuracy and precision in cuts. Alternatively dull scissors will actually bend and break hair and sometimes even cause split ends.

An excellent pair of scissors will create a much better cut, and help the shape and health of the hair as the cut grows out. Which in turn will lead to happier clients and better artistry!

With this in mind we partnered up with Excellent Edges to create a tool of shear excellence.

Designed by our Co-Creative Director and three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Joey Scandizzo , the scissor kit features two pairs of essential scissors for any cutter.


Forged from Japanese Takefu vg10 steel for maximum durability. The 65-35 mountain blade features an offset shorter handle design. The even pivot screw allows ultimate precision for scissor over comb cutting techniques.


Forged from Japanese SUS440c steel with 30 radial tooth design and dual finger rests. The even pivot screw allows ultimate precision for scissor over comb cutting techniques.

The kit also comes with a feather razor, anti-static carbon cutting comb, three hair clips and a protective scissor bag.

To purchase yours, email [email protected] or call 1800 104 204.

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