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The ’90s hair accessory you couldn't live without has made its return. That's right, scrunchies are back! The key to sporting the retro hair tie is to give it a contemporary twist. "Casual scrunchies are great for working out, or you can even try matching a scrunchie to your work attire," says stylist Janine Ker, who suggests using a scrunchie to tie up a sleek bun or effortless ponytail. Wondering how you can rock a scrunchie without looking like you stepped out of an episode "Clarissa Explains It All?" Check out these scrunchie dos and donts. 

DO wear a scrunchie to the gym and to bed. 

Elastic hair ties can wreak havoc on your strands. Instead, use a scrunchie to tie your hair out of your face when you work out or go to sleep. Stylist Nicoletta Gauci says scrunchies are much better for your tresses, adding, “Scrunchies don't put as much tension on the hair, which means less breakage and fewer creases.”

DON'T use a scrunchie to tie up a sky-high ponytail. 

Unless you're trying to mimic Sporty Spice's signature style, try to avoid wearing a scrunchie on top of your head with a palm tree-like pony. And whatever you do, do not resort to a high side pony. (We have a feeling that trend won’t be coming back for awhile!) For a modern look, use a scrunchie to loosely tie up a low ponytail and pull a few out a few face-framing strands.

DO play around with different colors and textures. 

The best part about scrunchies? They come in a variety of playful fabrics. Experiment with different hues to see which shades pop against your hair color and skin tone.

DON'T forget to wash your scrunchies.

Because they’re made of elasticized fabric, scrunchies can get dirty quickly, especially if you wear them while exercising or sleeping. Throw them into a lingerie bag and wash them on the cool cycle once a week to keep bacteria at bay. 

DO wear scrunchie out and about. 

Although we don't advise rocking a scrunchie on a first date, we think the trend can be adapted to many different occasions. For a summer BBQ, use a cute scrunchie to tie up a loose braid. Or, allow your hair to air dry and use it to secure a messy bun. The key to donning scrunchies is to look effortless and playful. 


Will you be trying out this retro trend? Let us know what you think the comments below!

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