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We know you’ve had those days, where you wake up in a rush and can't fathom washing and styling your hair. There’s no time - You can’t decide what to wear, you need to stop for gas on the way to work, pack your lunch, or the kids need to be fed.  You would rather forgo breakfast than leave the house looking like a mess, so you make a compromise. Dry style your hair!


This may seem daunting, even scary at first. What if you burn your hair? What if it doesn't come out right? That split second when you think about diving in the shower is fleeting, let it pass. Take a body shower and follow these tips to re-style your already dry hair.

  • Before jumping in the shower, touch up your roots with a dry conditioner, this will begin to pull excess oils. (If you have the foresight, spritz yourself the night before.)


  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap, towel, or heck your nearest t-shirt; you want to avoid water being in contact with your hair at all costs. 


  • Post shower - immediately begin drying. Moisture will moist likely have made its way through your head wrapping material and is still lingering in your bathroom. 


  • Reach for a boar bristle - there’s no other way. Boar bristle brushes will give you the tension you need to re-style your hair. 


  • If you have a heat protectant, spritz it evenly throughout your hair to avoid heat damage before styling. 


  • Starting in the front, section by section, begin blow drying your hair just like you normally would. Apply heat in swift motions, and use the brush to hold the shape. You’ll only need a few passes of the blow dryer to get the movement desired (be sure not to overly dry hair). 


If ends are dry, consider applying a dry conditioner or smoothing serum to settle your style and you are all set to walk… run out the door!

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