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The big day of love is right around the corner. And for most of us girls, it’s a day of sheer mushieness! We accept love in the form of flowers, chocolates, and dinner at our favorite restaurant...but what about HIM? Whether your man is hipster cool, uber chic, superb snowboarder or full on mountain man, our men love to look good, even if it’s just for us.

To make your life easier and ensure he gets something he’ll love this year (sorry, but he hated the heart pattern socks last year), we have created this handy gift guide for your dude. With just enough time left to get it, wrap it and seal with a kiss!

If your guy is fashion savvy, this prohibition inspired line is just the thing for him! It smells so good you’ll be stealing it in no time. (Plus, they offer FREE shipping on orders over $35!)



Love him a whole lot? Get him the gift set with all the best treats!


Is your guy a little rougher around the edges? These Scumbags are just the dudes he’ll love. They will have your other half looking and feeling cool, without feeling like he’s spending more time on grooming than he is changing the oil on his bike.




Does your man love the beard life? All good. We have goodies to tame that beast while keeping it looking fresh and clean. Without loosing the cool factor.



Is your guy always on the go? A road warrior of sorts? This tiny lightweight razor packs a big punch and will become his tool of choice in no time!


Most of all… take a minute away from spoiling him, to say just how much you love him and Happy Valentine’s Day!

XOXO team Bangstyle!