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Individuality was seen as one of the most prominent trends across Fashion Week’s all over the world this year. Instead of fitting a person’s style into a mold, the mold was created around each person. More so, street style has become more telling and true than most fashion displayed on stages. As designers took note, we noticed more unconventional presentations and explorations into the way in which to display style. Models were mixed with influencers, celebrities and even royalty in some cases. With a life of their own, all shapes and sizes were eminent and with that diversity in beauty was celebrated as well.


Celebrating the individuality of street style is exactly where the vision behind StreetSalon by Keune was forged. An online, interactive portal that highlights style spotted daily on streets from New York to Paris, Tokyo or Amsterdam. With the #Keunie in mind, they wanted to create an area for Keune Stylists to get ideas for styles and product specific education in one spot.

Editor-in-chief and world-renowned hair stylist Ilham Mestour and top celebrity colorist Marriët Gakes, work together to find the looks and determine how to design the styles each week. With a new look each day; Keune breaks down the tools, color and technique needed to recreate the look.

Celebrate the individuality of street-style and find out how to put the Keune spin on it! Sign up today at StreetSalon.com!

Keune, for the salon professional since 1922.

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