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With bob's showing up in all styles, lengths, and forms; you can take it as an opportunity to create something new and different. In this tutorial, Donald Scott NYC, shows us how to ramp up a bob by taking it asymmetrical - adding texture, movement, and a new vibe on a classic style. 

To get this look, follow these steps:


Step 1      Mist the hair with DSNYC Liquid Tool Glide for ultimate slip, glide and shine


Step 2      Establish your perimeter with your shears


Step 3      Scissor over comb to occipital bone


Step 4      Drop additional sections 1 inch over the occipital bone for the disconnect

                Free Form this hair with your Swivel Twist, using the 25% carve


Step 5      Using a guide from the back take diagonal sections angled into the sides, elevate depending on the thickness of the hair


Step 6      Dry the Grace, and cut the bangs last, spray two mists of Prepare on to the bangs and free form spaces until you can see her eyes. Use the pencil grip and pinch the sections to be cut.


 Note: Continue misting the hair with Prepare to help protect and smooth the hair while using your DSNYC Razor Tools


Tools Used: Shears, Chop Stik Pro, Swivel Twist, Prepare Liquid Tool Glide

For more information on Donald Scott NYC and his innovative tools, be sure to check out DSNYC on Bangstyle!