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You’ve got the latest brunette balayage of the season and you’re ready to rock it. You requested time off of work and you’re ready to live it up Memorial Day weekend with your girls. Brunch and shop sesh? Before you strut down the street, create a vamped up style that will last through your shopping marathon— and mani-pedi to follow. As much as you love added volume, most texturising sprays cause your brunette hair to look drab. So how do you achieve the height without compromising your color?


label.m Brunette Texturising Volume Spray. It is exactly what it sounds like; a texturising volume spray specifically designed for brunettes! This deep-toned dry mist instantly creates lift and volume giving you a lived in texture without causing your hair to appear faded or dull. Your hair can finally achieve the height you desire, and still look healthy; with rich color and vivacious volume.


Texturising Volume Spray is simple and easy to use. After shaking well, hold the can 4-5 inches away from dry hair applying it evenly to your roots. You can then tease your hair with your fingers or backcomb your hair for accentuated height. With its brunette tones, you will no longer need to spend extra time trying to brush and blend product with your hue. The spray is fast-drying and easy to brush or wash out. You’ll be able to use it to accomplish a bombshell style in half the time. Can you say hello Alessandra Ambrosio?


The Brunette Texturising Volume Spray can even be used in between salon visits for temporary touchups. If you are in desperate need of hiding those grey hairs, this product acts as a quick fix, simply spray it on your roots and go. It will be your hair-savior until your next salon appointment.


Brunettes can now enjoy this specially designed spray to help give them a texturized lift and volume to their hair. No more fussing over texturising sprays that takes the liveliness out of your hair— and your weekend. You will be able to spray on the deep-toned dry mist and achieve a voluminous runway look in half the time. You won’t have to worry about your hair giving up on you before you even hit the shops. And who said that blondes have more fun?

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